Saturday, February 17, 2007

"No Fault" Government - Monopoly with Other Peoples Money

In deciding what should be done about the illegal Pittsburgh police protection racket that has been allowed to flourish within our city, and just who might do it, it is critical that one understands just who the police are-and it is NOT the warm fuzzy "We are only here to protect and to serve YOU" story that the "deputy dog" puppet espouses to our school kids.

In a big, and in a very real way, the police are the "armed enforcement squad" of the Mayor's office, and of his/her whim. If, as recently under Mayor Murphy, the Mayor decides that "something should be done" about jaywalking, it is the city police officers who are called in to "enforce" this whim - and in that case, they handed out many tickets that had huge fines attached to them. When the newspapers and others complained, the fines were dropped, and the police (on "orders from above") stopped writing tickets for jaywalking. Note that it is still a crime, this jaywalking .... just not a crime that the Mayor wants a focus on, "today."

The police chief, directly appointed by the mayor, can not really be expected to be a free agent in the "war on crime" .. and must largely support "mayorial policy" when it comes to which laws to focus on and to prosecute.

The mayor, on the other hand, must be re-elected, in order to survive as Mayor - and the large block votes MUST be listened and catered to, in order for the next election to benefit him.

What BETTER way to "buy" these votes than with public money?? .. a mayor must think!

Mayor Murphy was recently caught by the feds making a deal with taxpayer money, in exchange for the firemen union votes .. no one in power has yet made the connection between this improper deal and the continuing one with the police, though .. or maybe they have, but have been told to "stand down"?

What happens when these deals with public cash are cut? Mostly, these illegal actions have already been shielded under the umbrella of "public servant" laws, that allow these "Public" criminals to skate unpunished, because .. when it comes to public "service" .. the whole thing is a "no fault" GAME where real money and real people are quite separate from the elite politicians, and the no fault political result of improper, ill thought out, or just plain stupid actions of politicians, whose actions are separated by law from the pain, damage and devastation they usually cause. Not even an "I'm sorry" need be uttered by these criminals .. after they perform illegal and self-serving acts .. unless they violate civil rights laws, in which case they can be held accountable for improper or illegal actions.

So, with the above "rules" in mind, one can see that the police protection racket can NOT be expected to cure itself ... the insiders have millions of dollars to gain and probably nothing to lose by attempting to continue this shameful practice.

I personally, over a ten year period, have tried to have criminal charges filed against the police department which would stop this illegal practice, only to have the DA continually refuse to press charges .. his political right, though it is morally wrong - and in my mind makes him an accessory to this crime, if not a criminal conspirator himself.

I will shortly file civil charges to stop this illegal practice.

Since the courts have long granted that money gained through illegal pursuits is contraband which should be seized, I wonder what the court will say about the illegal earnings of the police officers who have worked this scam against the public businesses under their control "on duty"?

Any guesses?

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