Thursday, February 8, 2007

90% DISCOUNT on Concealed Weapon Permits!! Retired "Police" only need apply!!

Sheriff Mullen
Allegheny County Sheriffs Office

Dear Sheriff Mullen:

I note that the state legislature has allowed your department to increase the fee charged by yourself for the issuance and renewal of concealed firearms carry permits, and that you have indeed increased these fees – to your department’s profit.

You have increased the fees for SOME of us, that is.

I note in review that you have made a decision to charge retired police officers only 10% of the fee that you charge any other retired, employed or unemployed citizen; the fee you list for these select citizens (retired police) is $2.50, while you charge $25.00 (cash only, no checks) for the same service to less privileged citizens. WHY IS THIS?

Retired, or for that matter on-duty police and sheriffs in Pittsburgh, and all over the country for that matter, involve themselves in criminal activity, are in some cases caught and prosecuted, making them ineligible for a Pennsylvania carry permit. Surely your office conducts the same criminal history review for retired police officers as they do for retired librarians, when a renewal comes up, don’t you?

I am requesting that you provide me with the justification used by your office for offering well paid retired police officers and sheriffs with a 90% discount for the same service for which you INCREASE the fee to the rest of us.

I would also like you to supply me with a complete and comprehensive list of what vocations are included in your term “retired police officer”. IE: are you talking about anyone who has had arrest powers, are you talking about constables and court officers?

What about retired licensed private detectives?

Sheriff Mullen, I have watched for years while you personally have conspired in a criminal manner with fellow police officers to violate state law in your administration of the illegal police protection racket that has flourished within the Pittsburgh police department for decades, and most recently I have watched while you personally have done the same thing within the Sheriff’s office. It is, of course, totally illegal for your uniformed police officers or sheriff deputy’s to perform in public uniform any manner of unlicensed contracted guard or security work for private interests.

I now watch for your answer as to why you openly set your retired fellow officers up for a 90% discount for the same public service the rest of the taxpayers have to pay retail for.

You may respond to my office address @ 110 Cutler St McKees Rocks PA 15136

Thank you,

Grant W. Stapleton
Allegheny County ccw licensee &
Licensed Private Detective


A Dyke by any other name... said...

Yeah, What is up with the cash only? That can't be right.

Grant W. Stapleton said...

Well, cash only .. when you have a monopoly on licenses, you can make your own rules .. Who says government is a public service?

Cash only is what these same criminals ask for when they go out in their uniforms to the bars, demanding to be hired as illegal contracted guards. I guess cash means no IRS taxes paid, what do YOU think?