Monday, February 5, 2007

Office of Municipal Investigations - are you sleeping?

After several years of filing complaints about officers working in uniform illegally, and having the nerve to park their private cars in clearly marked "No Parking" spots while they did this illegal work, I have gotten no response to my formal complaints, although OMI claims (look at their web page) that at the end of an investigation they will send notice to the complainant as to the disposition of the complaint.

I have repeatedly visited or emailed the office, and have had my requests for a meeting with their head totally ignored.

Today I once again contacted the city department of OMI, and sent a copy to the Mayor of Pittsburgh. Here is a copy of the email. I was once lots nicer in my communications with them, but believe me, after 5 years of being ignored and stonewalled by these deadbeats, this is the best I can squeeze out for them.

"roy dean"

Mr. Dean,
Recently I came in to your office for perhaps the 10th
time, noting that I have not had resolution letters
given me on the many complaints I have filed in the
matters of Pittsburgh police officers parking
illegally and working so called "off duty" jobs
I also repeated my request (this time making it a
demand) to meet with your OMI head to discuss this
lack of attention, and the fact that your office is
violating it's own dictates by not notifying me of the
resolution of my complaints.
I gave you pictures of license plates and of the
vehicles that the plates were on while they were
parked illegally, and I gave times, places and dates
of where this illegal work was being done, and in most
cases gave you the officers names. I also have
pictures of some of these officers, taken as they were
working illegally. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?
If you contend that this illegal parking and
contracted off duty work in police uniform is legal, I
demand to have a copy of the law(s) which you have
based your determination on. I have cited the laws
under which this work is illegal, and I now DEMAND an
answer from your office,and an IMMEDIATE MEETING with
your head to discuss your lack of response to date.
I await your response with interest.
Grant W. Stapleton
February 5, 2007
COPY: Mayor's Office


ConcernedPghCitizen said...

So does this mean that any arrest effected by a Pittsburgh Police Officer who is working off duty and being paid illegal would actually be considered both unconstitutional AND illegal?

ConcernedPghCitizen said...

So does this mean that any arrest made by a Pittsburgh Police Officer who is working off duty and being paid illegal would actually be considered both unconstitutional AND illegal?

Grant W. Stapleton said...

Dear "concerned" That is a legal question that I am not qualified to answer, but that is a GREAT question - I have thought that the principal of "fruit from a poisoned tree" would be something a defense atty could use. If they were not illegally on this job, they would not have seen the offense, ect.

Smitty said...

I suggest that all the bloggers of the various Pgh blogs, Macyapper,burgh report,and the Admiral's to name a few encourage their readers to copy your letter to Mr.Dean and flood his email box. Strength in numbers!!

Grant W. Stapleton said...

Bless you, "Smitty" .. and please see my most recent letter to Sheriff Mullen on the 90% discount he now offers on concealed carry permits ..................... IF you happen to be a retired police officer! What NERVE these guys have.

Actually Smitty, thank you .. this is exactly what I need, and why after 6 years of investigation I finally went PUBLIC .. no amount of discussion would get the police and sheriffs to stop this illegal stuff: they totally ignored me, and somehow got the MEDIA to do the same thing.. no one would listen, once the police lied and told them I was wrong and that this was legal.

Smitty said...

my pleasure

David Richy said...
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